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The Latest Art and Activism News

Benefit Arts is the primary source for info about the progressive causes that artists are working to support. Benefit Arts gathers the latest news so you can stay up to date on the intersection of Art and Activism.

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Wall Sketching
Street Artist

Lizzo turns acceptance speech into an important opportunity to highlight an array of activists.


Ai Weiwei unveils giant iron tree to warn people what they risk losing

Suburban Homes

Jay Z & Will Smith Invest in Low-Income Families to Become Home Owners

Amanda Gorman.jpg

Amanda Gorman, Youth Poet Laureate, Stuns and Inspires at Inauguration


Harry Belafonte founds a new social justice organization.


Willie Nelson Releases 
‘Immigrant Eyes’ Video

Taylor film.jpeg

Movie Review –Miss Americana, and the birth of Taylor's new chapter as an activist.


Ani DiFranco on Political Songwriting and Using Music for Social Change


Lady Gaga & Dalai Lama discuss how to overcome hatred and division.


Jerry Garcia Guitar Raises More Than $3M For Rights Group

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