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As if swearing-in the first woman to hold the office of Vice President of the United States isn't enough to leave us all feeling inspired, it is Youth Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman, and the delivery of her incredibly inspiring poem 'The Hill We Climb' that many agree was the most stunning and motivating moment of the Biden/Harris inauguration. 

Amanda Gorman is the first Youth Poet Laureate and at 22-year-old is also the youngest poet to have spoken at a US Presidential Inauguration, a tradition that has included poems delivered by Robert Frost, Maya Angelou, Elizabeth Alexander, and Richard Blanco. 

Gorman, a native of Los Angeles, has inspired generations of young people and has aspirations to herself be the US President one day.  Gorman told The New York Times, “This is a long, long, faraway goal, but 2036 I am running for office to be president of the United States,” she said. “So you can put that in your iCloud calendar.” All of us here at Benefit Arts Magazine would like to go on record as being the first to endorse her candidacy. 

We invite you to watch her delivery of 'The Hill We Climb' via the PBS Newshour video to the right and to keep up to date with Amanda Gorman by following her page on Facebook.  

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